Wild Romania
2010 - present day
Started in 2010 in collaboration with WWF, Wild Romania is the largest nature photography and documentary film project dedicated to my country. During this time, I can say that I developed myself a lot as a photographer, that I got to know my country as I never thought I could and that I had countless adventures. During the first 10 years of the project I changed three cameras and took tens of thousands of images, I changed three cars and I drove 45.000 kilometres across the country, I saw almost all the Carpathian Mountains, I walked through the wildest places, I discovered the most enigmatic animals and I met many people dedicated to nature conservation. But perhaps most important than all is that  during this time I brought  together a community of cool people who understood the core values of our project.
After the first two years dedicated to photography, we shifted the focus on documentary films as well. The projects grew constantly and with our amazing team we have developed one of the most complex website about Romanian nature, a mobile app and a quiz and we organised LYNX Festival, the only festival in the country dedicated to nature photography and documentary films. Starting with  2022, Wild Romania became an NGO and now we are focusing on nature conservation through education.
Wild Romania book
Many of the ideas from the Wild Romania project emerged along the way, but this photo book was there from the beginning. I strongly believe that this book is an open door to the huge biodiversity that my country still has. The whole project and this book in particular, represent my way to give something back to nature for all the special moments it has given me in almost 25 years since I have had the privilege of photographing it.

The most comprehensive photo book about Romanian nature;
+ Over 250 pages with photographs and information about the national parks and the country's emblematic wildlife;
Illustrations made by Gabriel Șerban;
+ Forward written by  Alex Găvan;
+ A4 landscape format with hard cover;
+ Text in Romanian and English language.
Wild Romania movie
This ambitious documentary is 100% filmed in the Romanian wilderness and it is the first extensive movie about the nature of my country made entirely by a local team. It features the stories of the most impressive landscapes and the most emblematic animals, weaved together in a complete seasonal journey. Wild Romania movie had a huge success at some International festivals and it is part of a bigger project that is focusing on nature conservation through education.

More information about this project on www.romaniasalbatica.ro and on our Facebook page.

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