It was a real pleasure to work on this photo book, because the old city of Târgoviște is the place where I lived on my own for the first time, where I had very good friends and where I first discovered my passion for history and culture.
Made as a special project for the City Hall, this book includes some of the landmarks of the old capital of Romania, together with other interesting leisure and natural areas.

This coffee table book was made by Conservation Carpathia Foundation and features many of the images that I took during the Făgăraș Mountains project. It is part of a very big dream, to create in these mountains the largest forest protected area in Europe and a national park.
I really love working on this project, because I can leave something behind for future generations, and because my photographs can help people to be more aware of the fragility of these habitats and to pay more attention to the conservation of the natural world.

Transylvanian Highlands
This small photo book was made by WWF Romania in order to promote the beautiful areas in the centre of Transylvania. These man made natural landscapes are home to some of the most important meadows in Europe and together with the traditional villages and fortified churches represent one of the most beautiful areas in Romania.

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