Mures floodplain
Romanian longest inland river tells some amazing stories, shaped for thousands of years by nature and man.
Mures is the longest inland river in Romania and it crosses the country from East to West. It passes through all types of landscape and towards the end of its journey it creates a special ecosystem, a wetland of international significance. This documentary tells the story of Mures Floodplain Nature Park and the influence that the river had over nature and people during millions of years.​​​​​​​

Nature of Brasov
In the heart of Romania lies one of the most beautiful places in the country where one can enjoy the wonders of nature.
In the middle of our country  there is a city surrounded by seven mountains and beautiful forests, a place where nature and outdoor activities are at home. The region of Brasov is a place where one can take a hike on a trail, swing in a rope on a climbing wall, venture in a cave, bike between the Transylvanian Highlands or enjoy photography or birdwatching in animal rich wetlands. This is one of the most beautiful nature areas in the country.
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