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My first contact with the animals and savannahs of Africa was a memorable one, resulting from the first photo safari that I have organized from Romania. This intense experience has put us in front of some of the most iconic animals on the planet, and not necessarily their uniqueness, but especially their impressive number and biodiversity, impressed us. As an animal’s lover, the contact with Kenyan fauna it only make you want to come back for a new experience.

Kenyan savannahs
my first trip fo Africa (35)



  • The desert of Namibia

    life at the edge of existence

    After seeing the East African savannas and the Ugandan jungles, only one African large habitat remained to be explored... the desert. The perfect place to go was Namibia, a country that is under the control of the harsh Namib Desert, on..

    The fauna of Uganda

    between savannahs and jungles

    After the experience in Kenya, where I wandered huge expanses of savannah, I drew my attention to another African major habitat, the jungle. Uganda lies at the confluence between East African savannahs and the jungles of Congo, and this..

  • Danube Delta

    the aquatic paradise of Europe

    There is no other place in Europe to rival Danube Delta biodiversity and there are few others in the whole world. This aquatic paradise is amazing and no matter the season it can always surprise you, with the landscape or with the incre..

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