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Friendly fox
Delfi Lithuania interview

After the viral image with the friendly fox, the biggest news portal in Lithuania, Delfi, made an interview about Dan Dinu and his work as a nature photographer. The interview was published on, the environmental and ecology channel of the portal.


Inga Labutyte: First one about the fox. How did you managed that it was so brave and came as close to the photocamera? Or maybe it was a "home" fox, who someone keeps as a pet?

Dan Dinu: The story is as simple as can be. It was an usual day when I and my trainees were heading to St. Ana Lake area to take some photos. I heard that there was a friendly fox somewhere around, but we didn’t expect to meet it. After a while in the forest taking photos of interesting landscape, covered in snow and of a photogenic mist, we agreed to make our way back home. On the way back, after a bend, the fox appeared in front of us. I stopped the car and the fox, instead running away, the way it should have been natural, started to get closer..



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