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We have many misconceptions about Africa, but all of them disappear as you set foot for the first time on this continent. The first contact with people here can be very intense, especially because they are very warm and welcoming, despite the hard conditions in which they live. Expressiveness plays a major role in photographic approaches here, and whether we are talking about the famous Masai of Kenyan savannah, the residents of villages bordering Ugandan jungles or the bushmen from Namibia, the people that you meet will mark you forever.

African people
Kenya / Uganda / Namibia (38)



  • Lofoten

    the land of the warm light

    The northern world is unique and conquers you from the firs exploration. The light here is always spectacular, especially in spring and autumn, when a sunset or sunrise can accompany you for hours with a warm light. If we put in balance..

    The Danube

    from the Black Forest to the Black Sea

    The river that links Europe has many stories to tell. The Danube pass thru nine countries, four capitals and lots of wonderful natural areas. The river has always been a way of communication between west and east, both for trade and for..

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