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Dan Dinu is a well known romanian photographer, specialized in landscape, wildlife and travel photography. He is also the coordinator of Photolife, where he teach courses and workshops. His pictures were published in many publications, including National Geographic and National Geographic Traveler. He is the author of six personal exhibitions and is a member of the International Federation of Photographic Art. He has over 70 works accepted at national and international photographic salons and over 20 awards.

In the past years he has had the opportunity to collaborate in important projects, such as the Wild Wonders of Europe, or Rewilding Europe, and to develop toghether with WWF (World Wide Fund for Nature) the biggest nature photography project in the country, called Wild Romania.

Till now he was leading photo tour in many parts of Romania, but also in Dolomites and the Alps, in Norway, Ireland, Kenya, Uganda and New Zealand.




AOTEAROA photographic journey in New Zealand

Photo exhibition and slideshow in Brasov and Bucharest (2014-2015).

WILD ROMANIAnational parks

Open air photo exhibition organized with WWF in the largest towns of Romania (2011-2012).

ICELANDland of fire and ice

Photo exhibition and slideshow in many big towns of Romania (2011-2013).

DANUBE from the Black Forest to the Black Sea

Photo exhibition and slideshow in many big towns of Romania (2010).

Other exhibitions:

2009 - Exhibition and slideshow "Dolomiti".
2007 - Exhibition and slideshow “Chamonix – Mont Blanc”.




Group exhibition organized at Natural History Museum “Grigore Antipa” Bucharest, Romania (2014).

LOFOTEN – northern lights

Group exhibition Brasov, Romania (2013).

DANUBE DELTA – a paradise in danger

Group exhibition organized by WWF in Bruxelles, Belgium (2011).


Group exhibition organized at Heinz Sielmann Naturparkzentrum, Wanninchen Germany (2011).

Others group exhibitions:

2013 - “Towns of the world” organized with Exdeco photoclub in Brasov, Romania.
2012 – “Medieval Brasov” organized with Exdeco photoclub in Brasov, Romania.
2011 - "The mountain" organized with Exdeco photoclub in Brasov, Romania.
2010 - "Spectacular Romania" organized by AAFR (Romanian Photographic Association) in Ismail, Ukraine.
2010 - "Carphatians Parks Day" organized by WWF in Bucharest, Romania.
2008 - "Romanian village" organized with Exdeco photoclub in Brasov, Romania.



2014 - Two highly commented images at Memorial Maria Luisa international photo contest
2011 - Highly commented image at Wild Wonders of Europe international photo contest
2011 - AFIAP distinction awarded by International Federation of Photographyc Art
2008 - 2nd place at TRIERENBERG International Photographic Circuit, Austria
2008 - 2nd place at National Geographic photo contest organized by
2007 - University Cultural Centre Sibiu Award, International Photographic Salon Sibiu
2007 – 1st place at the competition organized by
2006 – Gold medal at National Salon of Photographical Art Muntenia
2006 – 1st place at the competition organized by
2005 – 2nd place at National Salon of Touristy Photography
2005 – 1st place at PHOTO Magazine competition

In the recent years, Dan Dinu was part of the jury in many photographic competitions, including Milvus International Photocontest, the most important nature photography contest in Romania.